I know I have enjoyed an ice cold, okay mildly cool, adult beverage at the Superdome as I watched the Saints play. Okay back in the day I might have had more than one adult beverage and I have seen people around me "act the donkey" with the aid of a barley malt beverage or three. But who is really responsible for irresponsible behavior in the stands? According to a lawsuit filed in Cincinnati, it's the NFL, The Team, The Beer Vendors and The Stadium.

The woman and her husband are suing the Bengals, the beer vendor and the county-owned football stadium for negligence, alleging they continued to serve alcohol to ''noticeably intoxicated'' fans at a 2009 NFL game.

Get the story on the suit and then let me know, what do you think should be done to control those who get out of control in a stadium situation?