I have always heard there will be three things left after the apocalypse. Cockroaches, Easter Peeps and Twinkies. There has been a long running joke that the delicious cream filled sponge cake can never be destroyed only enjoyed.

Twinkies as it turns out do have a natural enemy. That enemy is striking workers at the Hostess Bakery. Or perhaps the enemy is the management of Hostess. Regardless a labor dispute has threatened to put the entire company into bankruptcy.

Would this be the end of the Twinkie? It would be very sad if that was the case. Twinkies were the reason I got through high school. I know Mrs Obama would be upset a knowing that fact but it was all I had to eat for lunch. Well, not all I had to eat, it was what I chose to eat for lunch.

The most Twinkies I have ever eaten at one time is a full dozen. I don't recommend that you try that, I almost died. It took about three hours for me to stop shaking because of all the sugar.