I am an eggnog lover. It has always been a special treat at our house for the holiday season. We don't spike ours up like others do. I like my eggnog straight with a sugar cookie and Burl Ives on the radio. The only drawback to eggnog in my mind is how expensive it is! I've found a place where we can learn to make our own and who knows maybe this will lead to another holiday tradition at our house, the annual "nogging of the eggs". I have no idea what that means but it sounds good after a tall glass of that gooey goodness that is eggnog.

Perhaps its the warming spices and heavy cream or the addition of alcohol. Whatever the reason, egg nog remains popular at many holiday gatherings.

As you will notice there are a lot of ways to make your own eggnog and whether yours is rated G or has the kick of a Southern Comfort mule a click below gets you well on your way.