There is nothing more painful to endure to the music lover than a drum solo. Okay, perhaps the upright bass solo that seems to go on forever in some jazz clubs might be a bit more painful but still the drum solo is pretty close to ice picks in the ears for me.

However, a song without drums might have a little trouble keeping the beat so what is a down home farm band supposed to do? Here is one great suggestion, fire up the tractor and plug in the guitars it's time to play!

I guess anything with a steady rhythm can serve as the drums. I know I sing along with the turn signal in the car sometimes and who hasn't belted out a Martina McBride tune to the oscillating hum of a low budget motel air conditioner? Necessity is the mother of invention, that's what they say any way so if you can't find a drummer, maybe you can fire up the ol' John Deere and crank it up in more ways than one.