Bruce wanted to be just like Bradley J. Whippersnapper Vincent. However, HE didn't have the mad skills to cut his wee little hand on something girly like washing dishes. No, HE found out the hard way how difficult it can be at times to dive into a box of Samoas! Fret not young ladies in search of merit badges, he's not gonna let a little boo-boo stop in his quest to keep you delivering those delicious little caramel/coconut infused magical delights.

Jude thought it was unconstitutional that the vending was requiring him to pay 85 cents for a 1.5 oz. bag Lay's potato chips...The vending machine won.

And that's the last time we let Krista go hunting for geckos in the hallways of the Bruce Mikells Multimedia Broadcast Center with nothing but her stilettos.