Competition is usually a good thing. It can make us all more focused on winning. For the stars of History Channel's "Pawn Stars", it just makes them mad.

Apparently, word on the street is that Rick Harrison, The Old Man, Big Hoss, and Chumlee are none too pleased with the folks at the History Channel. According to the guys, they were promised by the network that there would be no spin-offs of the their hit show. That is obviously not the case.

Alexandria based "Cajun Pawn Stars" recently debuted to rave reviews as most of us know.

It appears that the Las Vegas crew doesn't have a problem with the Louisiana gang personally.

According to TMZ:

Sources close to Left Field Pictures -- the production company behind "Pawn Stars" -- tell us the Vegas crew feels "blindsided" ... because they only learned about the show a few weeks ago ... when the network made the official announcement.

We're told Chumlee, Rick, Corey and the Old Man insist they were promised by the network that no "Pawn Stars" spin-off shows would be made of any kind ... and now feel like they were betrayed.

Sources say the guys are "really hurt" by the whole thing and feel like the new show is a "total knock-off" -- but their beef is with the network ... and NOT with the cast of the new show.

I'm sure all will be ok in the end. I like both shows and everybody's checks will still cash. And that is usually the thing that makes it all good!

In case you missed the first episode of "Cajun Pawn Stars", check it out here.