The concept of pay as you weigh is not new in air travel. It is new in passenger air travel but not in air freight transportation. It seems that now we, the passengers, are going to be treated as cargo. Samoan Airlines announced yesterday that they will be the first carrier to price tickets based upon a passengers weight. While at first this may seem cruel, it actually makes sense for this airline.

Samoan Air is a small airline that flies very small planes. The weight of passengers and luggage makes a huge difference in a safe flight. The more a passenger weighs, the less cargo a plane can carry or less passengers for that matter.

Many Pacific Island countries such as Samoa have an alarming rate of obesity. This made the decision to pay as you weigh even more feasible for a small carrier like Samoan Air.

How do you feel about this? Should your airline ticket be based upon how much you weigh? I personally think yes. Airline travel is not a right it is a privilege if it cost a company more to transport you then you should bear the burden. That being said, you should also have access to a larger seat with a little more room.  That is my opinion, I would love to know yours.