We here at the Dawg love animals (especially dogs), but have an appreciation for all animals. If you're an animal lover and want to expand your own zoo, we've found a collection on Craigslist that may be just the furry friend you've been looking for.

  • Strip Kittens

    (yes, we said strip kittens)

    That's what the ad said so we're going with it. Aren't these kitties just sooo adorable? Best of all, they're only $10 a price (yup, that's what it said as well, so we're just rolling with it)!

  • Cat Box

    (if you're gonna get a cat, might need one)

    For half the price of one of the above listed cats, you can get this immaculate cat box, then you're on your own regarding the cleaning. Nothing quite as fun as playing mine-sweep in the sand making sure you don't leave any behind.

  • Red-tailed Boa

    (not so fluffy friend)

    If your pet desires are on the more exotic side, then check out this red-tailed boa, sure to scare the 'whatever you're holding in' out of ya. This one seems kind of cool though, however we wouldn't leave the cage open at night.

  • Pull-ups

    (not a pet, but)

    If you purchase the above snake, you may want to get a hold of these for family members who don't take kindly to your new pet.

  • Fish

    (Also not fluffy, but much less scary)

    Looking for something a little less high-maintenance? Try your luck with some fish. Once you get the water temperature right, drop em in and let em swim. They're very inexpensive, and if you mess up, flush and try again.

  • Dog

    (man's best friend)

    We're kinda partial to this one, being the Dawg and all that. We just love the name of the type of dog that Maggie is, a Red Bone Coon Hound...makes you feel like you're really in the South.

  • Spiders

    (not really, but a way to keep your pets around longer)

    This ad isn't so much for spiders as it is for a taxidermy service. If you hate the thought of burying your beloved pet in the back yard, praying that your new dog doesn't dig up the old one, you may want to have them sitting on your couch for eternity (just remember to dust once in a while).

  • Rabbits

    (at a discount now that Easter has passed)

    You know the routine, just before Easter, rabbits become all the rage with kids (as well as baby chicks). Once Easter has passed, the demand decreases (similar to the popularity of dalmatians after the Disney movie hit the big screen, only to be discarded once the novelty wears off). They can make great pets, and we even know of people who have trained their rabbits to use the litter box and can roam around the house freely.

  • Cow

    (for our friends in Vermilion Parish)

    If you've got the space, why not? It'll be a hit at birthday parties, and can even teach the kids some great 4H skills. Once again, not for everyone, but it's available here in Lafayette.