When you think about pranks you usually think about somebody ending up on the short end of a joke. There is usually a prankster and and victim. In this case there is prank being played but the unusual outcome of this prank made me stop and think.

There are so many ways to be good in this world. If we really take just a moment to let those ideas that show up as sparks of inspiration develop into action, we could make our part of the world a better place.

Here is the scenario: a couple of guys call their friend who owns a pizza place to tell them they need to get in after hours. They make up a story about a wallet that has been left behind. The "victim" agrees and gives the guys the alarm code thinking they will just be in his store for a minute or two and then be gone. What happens next is a stroke of genius mixed with a stroke of kindness.

The "prank" is to make as many pizzas as they can and deliver those hot pies to a local homeless shelter. The looks on the faces of some of these people who may have not had a hot meal in weeks is priceless. Where there is kindness and love the world becomes closer. Maybe this video will inspire you to greatness today.