Predicting the weather, most of us leave that to the best in the business, our friends Dave Baker, Rob Perillo and Natalie Noah at KATC TV 3. They tell us what we need to know everyday as far as the weather goes. What happens when you're traveling and there is no Good Morning Acadiana to wake up to? Or what if you're in a strange land like Indiana where you can't understand a word they're saying, what do you do to know whether to pack a poncho or slather on sunscreen? You can predict your own weather forecast here is where we tell you how. 

Many outdoors men, scouts or farmers can tell you more about the weather in one quick scan of the sky than a lot of the million dollar satellites that hover above us can. Weather is not an exact science but Mother Nature will usually tip her hand ahead of time to give you just enough time to avoid the deluge or cover up from a really strong sunburn. You just need to know how to read what you're seeing.