We live in the South. Walking around in short sleeves and swimsuits is more the rule than the exception when the calendar says April. However, those choices without proper prevention could be deadly. Acadiana's Miles Perret Cancer Services urges you to know more about skin cancer and how you can prevent it.

Think of all the time you'll be out in the sun this Summer. I'm not talking about tanning time, I'm talking about sitting in the baseball bleachers, going to festivals, working in the yard and playing with the kids. It doesn't take long for the more intense rays of the Summer sun to cause problems for your skin. However your skin isn't the only thing that needs protection from the South Louisiana sunshine. Your eyes need protection too.

Some other sun protection guidelines that you need to follow include proper protection for small children. Do you know what sunscreens work the best and how to choose the one that is right for you?

Sun protection and ultimately skin cancer prevention begins with a little common sense and knowing what to look for if you suspect there is an issue on your  skin. Knowing when to visit the doctor can make all the difference in a safe Summer with beautiful healthy skin or a more serious situation.

Get to love the skin you're in and protect it all Spring and Summer long. If you have questions about skin cancer, protection, and prevention, the Miles Perret Cancer Services website is an outstanding resource.