The Acadians (who would become Cajuns) came to Louisiana in 1765. Students and faculty will be searching this summer for the settlement of exiled Acadians near Loreauville.

I'm a sucker for history, and seeing historical sites. This is exciting because it's part of our culture and history here in south Louisiana. I'm hoping they are able to find something!

The research that they are doing is part of the Projet Nouvelle-Acadie (New Acadia Project). Dr. Mark Rees, an archaeologist and associate professor of anthropology at UL, says this about the project:

“Acadian settlement and history in south-central Louisiana by finding and investigating the original 1765 homesteads and associated unmarked burials. . . ”

“Students will begin archaeological survey and remote sensing at locations around Loreauville, identified through oral histories as high priority areas for the New Acadia settlements and unmarked burials,”

The Iberia Parish council approved a $50,000 allocation to the New Acadia Project, raising their total to more than $75,000.