Who is the more jealous of the two genders? Do you think it is men who have the bigger streak of jealousy or do you think that women have the bigger green streak? As an observer of life, which is what most disc jockeys are, I would have to say that jealousy is a bigger problem for women than it is for men.

I think the reason is because women are more sophisticated and analytical in their thinking. Men either didn't notice the circumstances or just really don't care. This video speaks volumes as to the assumption that women have about men. That assumption is that we are guilty until proven innocent, even if the circumstances indicate there is absolutely know way we could ever be guilty.

Let's face it, none of the guys in this video has a chance with the hot blonde you see strutting out of the dressing room.  Still each of the significant others to these fellows has no trouble believing that their man has strayed from the straight and narrow. If women could be more like men just think of the sudden calm that would descend upon our lives.

Just in case you were wondering this article was not written by Bruce Mikells, I hacked his account just to get him trouble with his wife and every woman in the audience.