Monday's deadly tornado outbreak that slammed many communities in the Gulf South had a particular interest to me. Tornadoes in Tupelo and Louisville Mississippi were very close to where I have family. I called every one yesterday morning just to make sure they were okay. It was then I learned of a very close Ragin' Cajun connection to both of those communities.

I knew Coach Mark Hudspeth was from Winston County and the  city of Louisville. Many times during our on air visits he and I joked about how our high schools, Starkville High and Louisville High, were bitter rivals in football. I was very pleased to hear that none of Coach Hud's people were injured or suffered major damage. Louisville is about 30 miles southwest of Starkville. My brother who lives in Starkville told me there was debris from the Louisville tornado that landed in his yard and on campus at Mississippi State University.

I did not know Coach Bob Marlin was from Tupelo Mississippi . Coach Marlin is the U.L. head basketball coach and he told KATC TV 3 that none of his family suffered major loss or damage in the storm that struck that north Mississippi community.

While both of our Cajun Connections to these awful storms fared very well there are many in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee that are hurting. You can help those families by making a donation to the American Red Cross.