"You play to the whistle", that was the mantra that was burned into my brain as a pee wee football player. It is my understanding the same mentality persists in college football as well as the pros.

The concept,  you keep playing and trying to win until the game is over. On Saturday afternoon in Monroe Louisiana's Ragin Cajuns did just that.

They played the game until the final gun. That did not sit well with the Warhawk faithful many of whom deemed the Cajun's scoring play on the final play of the game as unsportsmanlike.

I don't like seeing the score run up on another team if the players are younger than 13. After age 13 you should get what you have earned. If you earned a butt whipping, you should get a but whipping. If you don't want the other team running up the score on you, play better.

If you missed the final few minutes of the Cajuns, Warhawks contest the scenario goes like this. The Cajuns have the ball and are up by two scores with just over a minute left to play. On the first play of the final series the team from Monroe calls a timeout after a short Cajun gain. That means the Cajuns would either have to get a first down or would have to punt the ball away giving the Warhawks a chance to score and maybe by some freak of football nature win the game. This strategy tells me the team from Monroe had every intention of playing until the final whistle.

After two other attempts to run the ball and  milk the clock the Cajuns are left with :04 on the game clock and fourth down. Quarterback Terrance Broadway could have taken a knee but that would have stopped the clock with time still left for Monroe to have a play. Broadway could have snapped the ball and run around for four seconds killing the clock or he could have simply heaved the ball down field as far as he could. He chose to throw the ball, Monroe chose an all out blitz with no pass defenders to cover  the Cajun receivers.

Broadway's pass, which I think was supposed to be well over thrown, landed right in the arms of Cajun pass catcher Jamal Robinson. With no one around him Jamal did what any and every receiver is taught to do. He ran to the end zone. Touchdown Cajuns!

Could he have taken a knee? I guess. Should he have taken a knee? No. The game is played to the final whistle. Were the Cajuns trying to add insult to injury by scoring on the game's last play? I think they were doing what the coach at Monroe would tell his team to do, play to the final whistle. I honestly don't see why the Warhawk fans are that upset, most of them had already left the stadium before the final play of the game anyway.

RaginCajuns.com has  the final word from coach Mark Hudspeth following the Cajun win.