We all know of singers who have lip-synched in concert and other live performances. It's just that you don't normally get a confession from the artists that they actually didn't sing live!

Rascal Flatts have admitted to lip-synching their performance of their latest single "Rewind" on the ACM Awards this past Sunday night.

The group released a statement on Monday via Twitter:

After having performed several shows earlier in the week, Gary lost his voice. So, instead of canceling our commitment to do the show, we made a last minute decision to lip-sync. We’ve never done it before, and we’re obviously not very good at it. We look forward to singing live again in the very near future!


Hey, I give them credit for being honest. Kind of hard to fault them for wanting to fulfill their commitment to performing on the show. Plus, it's a chance to continue to sell yourself to the country music fans who pay good money for your music.

The Flatts boys did stick around yesterday to perform for the taping of ACM Presents: An All-Star Tribute to the Troops at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas. That special airs May 20th on CBS.

Guess we'll have to wait till then to see if they lip-synched that performance too.