I realize that headline might be hard to swallow if you've gotten an envelope in your mail box that includes a wonderful picture of your smiling face, your car tag and the invitation to fork over some cash. I was against red light cameras when the idea was first brought to light in Lafayette. I must admit, they have made me a better and more observant driver, and if you're really honest, I bet you  could say the same thing.

Red light cameras are working," said institute President Adrian Lund. "There are hundreds of people who are alive because some communities had the courage to use this method of enforcement."In cities with the cameras, the study also noted drops in all fatal crashes at intersections with traffic signals, not just those caused by running red lights.

There isn't a soul alive that likes getting a traffic ticket, but I'd rather be that soul that is alive than the alternative, if you know what I mean. Please voice your opinion I know this is still a subject for debate, here is your chance to speak your mind. Just remember we are a family site! So keep the words nice and save your personal attacks for a different forum.