If you've spent more than 15 minutes listening to the Bruce and the Kennel Club Morning show on 97.3 The Dawg you know I love Kelly Ripa. That being said, I also have a deep fondness and respect for Regis Philbin too. Regis has been a broadcast idol for many years for me. He has been a success at just about any challenge thrown his way. Now he is retiring, but not for the reason he told us on television!

Morning talk show king Regis Philbin decided to leave his long-running show because of a salary dispute - not because he was getting too old as he had told viewers,

In the business of broadcast ratings are king. The bigger that number, the bigger the numbers connected to the dollar signs. I don't think we have seen the last of Regis Philbin, he's far to valuable a property to let go to pasture.