We all know 9-1-1 is the number to dial for emergency services. 4-1-1 is the number to dial when you want information.  There is also another number you need to know 8-1-1. Today is August 11, or 8/11 on the numerical calendar and a great day to remind you about 8-1-1.

Do you know what dialing 8-1-1 is for? It's the number you need to call before you do any digging anywhere. 8-1-1 connects you to the state's one call center. This call center will dispatch a professional locator to your job site to mark buried underground utilities. Even if you only plan on planting flowers or putting in a new mailbox you need to call 8-1-1 first. Just call three days ahead of your anticipated project and you will know what's below by the time you unearth that first shovel of dirt.

It is estimated that almost half of all Americans will be a part of a project around their home that requires digging. Almost every 8 minutes this digging is responsible for damage to an underground utility pipeline, cable or wire. The damage could result in a loss of service, a rather hefty fine,  or even a loss of life.

Call before you dig. It's free and it can keep you and your family out of harms way and your important utilities connected.