Have we gone too far? Is the world just so far out of whack that any little disturbance now must be met with the mighty sword of justice without the use of common sense? A young man put on a banana costume and ran around the football field during halftime of his schools recent game. He received lots of cheers and applause from the crowd, he was also suspended from school. WHAT?!?! The school system calls running around the field dressed as a banana disorderly and disruptive behavior. There is a part of me that understands the school system position, there is also a part of me that wonders when did common sense leave our planet.

If you want to discipline the kid make him stay after school and write a thousand times I won't dress as a banana but what good does a suspension do? The absurdity of this story isn't lost on just me, the local TV reporter covering this event appears to have a similar view as I do.

Maybe the school system over reacted just a little, maybe they aren't seeing the real picture, maybe they need to see a middle age man dressed a grapes to fully grasp just how bizarre this whole story is.