Battling through tropical storm conditions in the Bay of Campeche rescuers located a lifeboat from the Trinity II. Inside the lifeboat capsule they found 7 of the rig workers alive, two had perished and the 10th was still missing. South Louisiana residents Jeremy Parfait and Ted Derise were listed among the survivors.

 All of the surviving crewmen were taken to a local hospital. The condition of the men or the circumstances in which they were found is not known at this time.

The fates of two other missing Americans, previously identified as Craig Myers and Nick Reed, of New Iberia, Louisiana, were not known as the bodies of the workers found dead have not yet been identified.

 The Trinity II was a liftboat operating off the coast of Mexico in the Bay of Campeche. The liftboat was abandond after suffering damage incurred from Tropical Storm Nate.