If you have a dog you probably at sometime in your life will torment your dog all in the name of fun. It might be something simple like faking a knock at the door or pointing out an invisible cat. Maybe you are the kind of person that pretends to toss the ball and then hides the ball behind your back while the dog runs off hoping to find the ball and bring it back.

The people in this video were tormenting their dog using a vuvuzela, a plastic horn like contraption that was made famous during the World Cup in South Africa. The vuvuzela is not tolerated well by any animal with ears.

Dogs have two ears and their sense of hearing is quite keen. Needless to say this dog did not appreciate the "music" that was being performed. He showed his lack of enthusiasm for the vuvuzela by leaving his critique all over the living room rug. Chalk one up for the dog and for music lovers everywhere.