There are a lot of way a person can spend their time. Most of us spend ours watching. We watch TV, we watch sports, we watch other people doing. Some people spend their time doing. They might be gardeners, golfers, chefs or painters. This is a video of what one man has spent the last 15 years doing.

I came across this video on the website Reddit. The person who posted the link said it was his Grandpa Bill's train town. We get a very unique view of this tiny town thanks to modern technology. The video, using a Go-Pro camera, actually allows us to ride through the make believe town and countryside as if we were passengers on the train.

If you have a short attention span or can not appreciate attention to detail you won't find this to as fascinating as I did. To me the scenery on the side of the track was exquisite. The details of the people and the cars on the side roads was just magical. The fact that the area between the tracks had scrub brush plants and even litter made the ride that more realistic. If you have a few minutes climb on board this very unique train and travel back in time to a place that once only existed in one man's mind.