Country star Rodney Atkins has certainly had his share good things and not so good things happen in his life these past few months. The country singer has hit the top of the charts and been hit with legal actions in his personal life. Even with the roller coaster that is the life of a musician on the road Rodney still finds a great way to connect with his fans.

At his recent performance in Lake Charles,  Rodney sought out a very special fan to help him sing one of his signature hits. You can see the touching moment and see one fan's  day getting made about 1:10 into the video. This is what country music is about, it's a connection with the regular people. The people who get up, get it done and get on with life every day no matter what challenges life has thrown at them. Hats off to you Rodney and thank you for a great show and an even better memory of your visit.