The power of music to stir the beating of the romantic heart has been known for ages. I'm sure back in the cave days some fellow pounded out his affections for the lady in his life on a hollow log and she was impressed. Love songs have come a long way since that cave man.

No longer does one beat on a log or stand beneath a balcony strumming a lyre. Today the smitten can reach out with feeling via the world wide web. This is what this fine fellow has done. He obviously has feelings for a lady named Emily.

I wonder if you were Emily what you might say about his attempt to kindle the fires of romance. As a guy I can promise you I have had my share of romantic moments go terribly wrong. Do you think this is one of those terribly wrong, or terribly right moments?The only comment I can make for sure is, lose the tropical shirt. I never met a lady that loved the tropical shirts.