John Madden helped me cure my athletes foot and gave traveling by bus a whole new romantic flair. The EA Video Game that bears his name from what I understand is one of the best in the video football business. But that game comes with a curse, the Madden Curse and this year it won't be Drew Brees suffering from it. Want to know what teams star player will be missing key games because of injury thanks to the Madden Curse? That is assuming the "wants and the give me's" can come to terms with the 'obscenely rich and biscuits for brains" . You decide which moniker best suits the players and  which one best suits the owners. I for one don't play Madden or any video games any more. I suffered my own injury thanks to the Madden Curse, it happened during a  Saints Vs Cowboys affair Reggie Bush, fumbled and my controller "slipped from my hand" and went through our brand new HD Television. I still have the marks where my wifes high heel shoe had to be surgically removed from my backside.