Superstition seems to be everywhere in the world of sports. Whether it is wearing a certain pair of socks or that jersey you just cannot bring yourself to wash, a majority of households have some kind of superstition when watching their favorite sports team. It turns out that our good friend Tracy Wirtz from TV 3 has realized that she might just be our New Orleans' Saints' bad luck charm. Here is Tracy's explanation of why she might not be watching or listening to any Saint's games this season.

The good Catholic in me would tell you I don't believe in superstitions. HOWEVER... it seems that every time I actually watch part of a Saints game or listen to one on the radio, they don't do well. Case in point... the game on the first Sunday in December before the Superbowl, they won. I was on my way back from Memphis with friends. Once we were in range, they put the game on the radio. Our boys in black and gold were doing HORRIBLY. I got out of the vehicle with minutes left to go in the game and stopped listening. They turned the game around and WON! For the rest of the season, my friends would call or text me to make sure I WASN'T watching or listening. I wear Saints jewelry and colors. I fly the flag at my house. But I am so scared to watch a game! Last season, it didn't seem to matter. Another friend of mine insists that her son wear his Saints jersey during EVERY game because that's why they win. He's my son's age and, even if he is at my house playing with my son, she will drive up, drop off the jersey, make him put it on and leave! That's her superstition. I wear Saints jewelry and colors. The guy in the picture you see with this diatribe? He paints his face for EVERY GAME. So what's your superstition? Do you have one? A funny dance? A particular chair you sit in? A particular pair of shoes or food you eat? Let us know!