They call it preseason in the NFL, but to me it's practice. Last nights game between the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots could have been sponsored by Ambien. It was a real snoozer.

The Patriots won the game, 7-6, but for most of the game the stars of both teams sat quietly and watched. It was basically a boring scrimmage. I am glad the game was played in New England. I'd hate to think  our fans would have paid money to go sit in the Superdome and watch practice. The Saints offense generated two field goals, the mighty Patriots managed to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter. At least the defense for the Saints looked pretty good.

We are looking forward to the games getting a lot more interesting and eventually meaning something as the regular season starts. By the way the first meaningful game will be September 9th when the Saints host the Washington Redskins. You can hear all of the Saints "real" games on Acadiana's Saints Station! That's us! 97.3 The Dawg.