Call me old fashioned but I always thought the term "private life" meant the part of your life that you didn't talk about in public. For me, that has always included what goes on behind closed doors. Why is the sexual orientation of a  person always thrust right into my face when it doesn't need to be? I am going to be the way I am, you can be the way you are, we have no problem. I don't broadcast my private details and I wish you'd keep yours to yourself. That being said, is Dancing with the Stars about to put same sex couples out on the dance floor? 

It's okay with me if they do that, just because people dance together doesn't mean they are romantically involved. I just don't think a lot of the dance routines on the show lend themselves to two of the same kind expressing the moves. Still the Hollywood press, the liberal side of the media and a million other people "who know what's best for all of  us" would try to jam the idea down our throats that this is the way it's supposed to be. I don't think it is, I think beauty of couples dancing comes from the difference in the genders.

 The elegance, grace and beauty of the female, the strength and control of the male. A yin to the yang set to music is what dance is to me. From what we hear the producers of Dancing with the Stars would be okay with the idea, the people at ABC, not so much. I guess we will see. Until then you can dance with who ever you please as long as it pleases you, just don't be disappointed if I choose not to watch.

Would you watch Dancing with the Stars if they decided to feature same sex couples? How do you think it would change the show and the competition if they did?