I am glad video cameras and telephone cameras did not come into being until I was most of the way out of the doing stupid stuff phase of my life. I am sure if my parents had a video camera I would be an Internet superstar. This young man was asked by his father to do the dishes. The young man asked Dad if he could listen to music while he worked, this is the result. I like to listen to music while I do housework too. It makes mopping a little more tolerable if you've got a good song to help keep your rhythm. That being said I don't think this young man will be requesting musical accompaniment for his next couple of dishwasher loads. He probably isn't real happy with his father right now either. So what is the goofiest thing you've ever been caught doing on video? Or the goofiest thing you have caught your kids doing on video? Send them to us, who know you might become a big Internet superstar!