It's a love hate relationship, that connection ladies have with their high heel shoes. As a man I can tell you among the first things I notice about a woman is her shoes. Don't laugh, ask Krista, ask my Wife, ask Tracy and Natalie from the station. I am a shoe guy. Not in the kinky sort of way but you can tell a lot about a woman by the shoes she straps on her feet to face the day.

According to many businesswomen, high heels are ladder to self-confidence., Women's high heels shoes can add the various touch from cute to sexy, and trendy to elegant. In fact, some women love high heels, and other women hate them.

Okay fellows here is my one sure fire way to get a lady to at least talk to you. Compliement her shoes, ask her where she got them and if you really want to get the ball rolling gush about how expensive they must have been. That way she can gush about how much they were on sale. Then the rest is up to you. * Note this does not work for flip flops on the beach.

(via Women Love Sexy High Heels Shoes on Shine.)