Looking forward to your annual beach trip? Hopefully you won't have to deal with a closed beach due to shark sightings like some vacationers did this past weekend in Orange Beach.

We have all had that scary thought cross our mind a time or two at the beach. The thought of lounging and relaxing in the beach waters and seeing your worst nightmare swim by you. Just thinking about it now gives me the heebie-jeebies.

This past weekend in Orange Beach, waters were prohibited due to shark infestation. A double-red-flag alter status was posted on the beaches by officials. The beaches were packed with vacationers for the first, sunny weekend of June. The shark swarm began Saturday afternoon and in the Sunday morning beach safety update, Orange Beach's safety flags remained at Yellow status while the Alabama Point access continued with Double-Red flags.

Sharks were not the only marine life which have been recently spotted in the Gulf waters. A large number of rays have been seen swimming just offshore of the Alabama beaches. The question is, what is causing these marine animals to swim and hang out so close to the shores?

If you have a beach vacation coming up, be careful and always comply with beach official's guidelines and flags. If you need to know which color flag means what, click here.