Sheryl Crow has certainly had her share of success. She has garnered Grammy awards and been a fixture on the ACM and CMA award shows the past few years. Now one line in her new song Easy is giving some notoriety to what might be considered an unlikely recipient.

In Sheryl's new song Easy she sings about "Jack Johnson, he is the new Don Ho". Don Ho was a legendary Hawaiian artist whose signature hit "Tiny Bubbles" became a classic in the 50's and 60's. Jack Johnson is a little more contemporary but his music certainly has the influence of the islands.

Here is another connection country music has to Hawaii, the steel guitar. This guitar is featured in both island and country classics. The style of playing a guitar this way was developed in Hawaii in the late 19th century. Travelers brought that unique style back to Nashville and the pedal steel guitar was born as an innovation on the Hawaiian technique.