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11 Louisiana Jeopardy Questions
I decided to dig through the Jeopardy database of questions to see what they had about Acadiana and Louisiana, and here's what I found.
Local Show Goes National
Locally produced outdoor and lifestyle show "Out Da' Bayou" has been airing in Louisiana for four seasons, but will now start being aired nationally on the Discover Channel.
Body Found In Livingston Parish
WBRZ is reporting a body was found Thursday morning in Livingston Parish. It is believed to be that of the missing 19-year-old from Springfield, La.
Jude Shows Us What Frozen Cooking Oil Looks Like [Video]
Jude is off this week and decided to fry some shrimp, but conveniently forgot to invite me. As you know, Jude is lazy and left his fryer outside after he was done. As a result, the cooking oil he used to fry those shrimp froze solid.
Louisiana SPCA Warning Pet Owners About Cold Weather
It's cold in Acadiana. We're experiencing the coldest temps we've seen in years. How a pet owner could sleep at night while their pet is outside in 20 degree temperatures is beyond me. The Louisiana SPCA is warning pet owners who do this they "could face felony animal cruelty cha…
2018 $5 Challenge
Saving all of your $5 bills through the year could be the easy way of saving money you've been looking for.
Tips To Help Prevent Your Pipes From Busting
2018 will usher in some pretty cold temperatures in Acadiana. We're not completely used to below freezing temps, and this can definitely cause issues with your pipes. Here are some tips to help you make sure your new year doesn't start off a costly one.
Restaurants Open On Christmas Day 2017
You'll be able to find everything from pancakes, to Indian food to steaks and more. If you know of more restaurants that will be open, please let us know.