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President Tyler, Born In 1790, Still Has Two Living Grandsons
John Tyler was the 10th President of the United States, serving from 1841 until 1845. Tyler was born in 1790, but his grandson and great grandson are still alive in 2018. How is this even possible? It's not a riddle or a trick, here's why...
Hurricane Florence Live Cam [Watch]
As the Carolinas brace for Hurricane Florence to make landfall, you can watch it all as it happens from the safety of your computer or phone with this live cam on the "Frying Pan Tower" in the Atlantic.
How To Open A Can Of Food With Only A Spoon [Video]
Whether you find yourself in a bad situation while camping, a bad situation during a hurricane, zombie apocalypse or nuclear winter, you're covered. You're welcome. Just promise you'll eat us last.
Louisiana Legend Of 'The Devil's Toy Box
Allegedly, there's a one room cabin located in North Louisiana on an old farm that is called "The Devil's Toy Box". The room is made entirely of mirrors that face inward. The walls, floor and ceiling are all mirrors. If you go inside, you'll reportedly go insane or worse; th…
Tropical Storm Florence Now A Hurricane
With all eyes currently on Hurricane Gordon as he heads towards the Gulf Coast, Tropical Storm Florence has just been up graded, making Florence the third hurricane of the 2018 season.
Labor Day Playlist [Videos]
Here, you'll find songs about quittin' time, working hard, and telling your boss to shove it. Now, pass me a beer and a burger...