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How To Catch A Mole [Video]
Check out this video we shot here at the station catching a pesky lil mole that was tearing up our property.
Make A Pool From Wooden Pallets
With the Summertime temps rising, we're ll looking for ways to beat the heat. Did you know that apparently you can build a pool out of wooden pallets?
Sonic Now Has A 'Pickle Juice Slush'
If you're a fan of pickles and pickle juice, Sonic is making your dreams come true. You can now get a Pickle Juice Slush delivered right to your car.
WWE Star Arrested For Unpaid Hotel Bill
WWE star Brian Lawler was arrested in Downtown Memphis last night (06/05) for reportedly staying and not paying for a room at the Hampton Inn on Peabody Place.
Red Robin Letting Teachers Eat Free Today
Red Robin wants to say "Thank You" to all of the teachers, counselors, admins, education professionals, retired teachers and school bus drivers today by offering you some FREE food!
If Alexa Was Southern [Video]
If you live in the South and have an accent, you might have trouble getting Alexa to understand your commands. If you're Cajun, it can be even worse. But, what if Alexa was Southern?
Dog Sings Chris Stapleton
Tank the American Bully loves him song Chris Stapleton. So much in fact, he's learned all the words to "Tennessee Whiskey". No, seriously...he has.