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Cajun Christmas Songs [Videos]
Below you'll find great local, Cajun Christmas songs from Johnnie Allan, Harry Fontenot, Vince Vance, Aaron Neville and more.
Parents Night Out Drop And Shop
If you've some Christmas shopping to do and you need to do it without the prying eyes of little ones, this Saturday night is your chance with "Parents Night Out Drop And Shop".
Cajun Field Voted One Of The Worst College Football Stadiums?
When I think of where and what the worst college football stadiums in the country could be, UL's Cajun Field never crosses my mind. Somehow, Cajun Field has indeed landed on a list of "Worst Stadiums In College Football", and here's supposedly why...
Acadiana Region Officially Added To Google Maps
Lafayette's Alex Labat has been working for months to get Acadiana officially added as a "place" on Google Maps. Well, his hard work has paid off, and he has indeed put Acadiana on the map. Here's why it's important...
Opelousas High Evacuated
Breaking news being reported that Opelousas High has been evacuated after unknown device was set off in the bathroom.
Study Shows Women Sleep Better With A Dog In The Bed
For the record, we currently have two dogs, two cats, a hamster, a rabbit and a parakeet in my house, a baby possum somewhere in my shed and a snake under our deck and I haven't slept in 8 years...just thought I'd throw that out there.
Win A Trip 'Home For The Holidays'
97.3 The Dawg has teamed up with Tim McGraw to send you "Home For The Holidays." You could spend the Christmas holidays with those you love most!