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6 People We Think Could Be The Man In Stormy Daniels' Sketch
Today, Louisiana's current reigning controversy queen Stormy Daniels released a sketch of the man she alleges threatened her to “leave Mr. Trump alone” in 2011. Looking at the sketch of this guy, I instantly thought of a few people it could be.
Did You Know This Connection Between Loretta Lynn & D.L. Menard?
This past Saturday, Country Music Icon Loretta Lynn celebrated her 86th birthday. If you logged on to social media at all I'm sure you saw the many well wishes. What I didn't realize however is there is a pretty cool connection between Loretta Lynn and D.L. Menard.
Acadiana Storm Damage [Pics}
Folks have taken to social media to share their experiences, and here's the aftermath from across Acadiana.
Cajun Superstitions
Maybe you've heard these for years in your family. Do you know of any that aren't on this list?
Heinz Has Just Released 'Mayochup'
I guess Heinz is really going to just sit back and pretend like we haven't been doing this in Acadiana for generations for our crawfish sauce. It's cool Heinz, we see you.
Alabama Vs La. Tech Featuring Kenny Stabler And Phil Robertson
Back in 1966, Alabama squared off against Louisiana Tech. Why should we care? Well, the quarter backs for this game were none other than future Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and former New Orleans Saints quarterback Kenny "Snake" Stabler.
UL Students Traveling Europe Using Only Red Bull As Currency
Three UL students are currently competing in the "Red Bull Can You Make It" challenge, traveling across Europe using only Red Bull Energy Drink as currency. That's it. No Money for food or lodging, only Red Bull to try and trade for the things they need.
Have You Taken The 'Crawfish Challenge' Yet? [Video]
There are plenty of crazy internet challenges these days, but now we have one of our very own. It's called "The Crawfish Challenge". The challenge is to hold a crawfish on your beer and chug it before the crawfish gets you.
Foil Ball Polishing Craze [Video]
Foil ball polishing is popping up on YouTube every time you log on. It started in Japan a couple of weeks ago, and now people across the globe are getting into it.
Slightly Above-Average Hurricane Season
Colorado State University's preliminary seasonal forecast are out, and as of now they're predicting a slightly above average 2018 Hurricane Season.
Local Family Takes Bed Ridden Grandfather Fishing [Video]
This Breaux Bridge family wanted to go fishing with their grandfather. The obstacle was that their grandfather is bed ridden. However, that wasn't really an obstacle for these folks. They just wheeled him onto a trailer and took him out for a great day of fishing!
Is 'The Rest Of Our Life' A Ripoff Of 'When I Found You'?
If you weren't aware, pop star Ed Sheeran along with a couple of writers penned the hit "The Rest Of Our Life" for Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill. Well, according to a recent lawsuit filed, it seems they might have ripped off a song called "When I Found You" by Jasmine Rae.