Basic Training: Holding My Breath
I had no idea I was holding my breath until I got a message from a reliable source saying my son passed his PT test. My son, my youngest child who graduated from high school this year, is currently in basic training for the Louisiana Army National Guard. He is scheduled to graduate on Thursday, Nove…
Basic Training: Thank God For Facebook
Facebook is the place so many of us turn when we want to find out what's going on in our little corner of the world. When my son began his basic training journey, I searched for average folks like me on the world's most popular social media site who may have the answers.
Basic Training: Phone Addiction Redefined
We shake our heads at those folks who are buried in their devices 24/7. When families send their loved ones off to basic training, they redefine the term "phone addiction."
Time To Shop: When To Save Big On What
Trying to save money while redoing my house, I discovered great advice on expert websites about how to save on everything from travel to treadmills. The secret is when to buy.
Facebook Jail: How Not To Go There
Facebook jail is a thing. The administrators will block you from posting or delete your account if commit "violations." Here's some tips on how not to go there.