Imagine, you are walking down a city street, talking on your phone and suddenly you aren't there anymore! That is exactly what happened to this young lady. She was chatting on her cell phone as she walked down a city street in northern China. The ground below her feet simply opened up and down she went. Sinkholes are not as uncommon as you might think. Here in South Louisiana one of our most famous sinkholes is a lake, Lake Peignure.You might recall when the bottom fell out of the lake a few years ago.

Florida and California have sink hole issues because those states have spent years removing ground water to dry up swampy areas to make them more livable. It is the removal of this water and erosion from the movement of that water that leaves a giant empty space just below the surface. Sinkholes have been know to swallow cars and even entire houses. It just gives you one more thing to worry about doesn't it?