A few weeks back we reported to you that crawfish would be available for your Good Friday and Easter crawfish boils. We also reported that because of the colder weather the sizes would most likely be below average. This past seven days Acadiana has seen some if the coldest weather in recent memory and that just makes the crawfish forecast even more bleak.

If you were planning on boiling crawfish for this Sunday's NFL Championship game you can probably find some if you look really hard. You won't really like the price but there are some crawfish available. This past weeks winter weather has brought into question whether or not crawfish will be plentiful by Mardi Gras.

While most area farmers say they can provide product, they say providing the product when you want it could be difficult. That means those wanting to have a crawfish boil over a weekend might need to plan ahead.

How slow is the start to the crawfish season this year?

"Right now we're only averaging about a sack per man, per day which is not enough to pay for the labor or the bait."

Those are the words of Church Point fisherman David Savoy. Savoy made those comments in a report filed by the Louisiana Radio Network. Savoy goes on to explain that the very cold weather is keeping the crawfish in hibernation. He says it will take a string of warm weather days to bring the mudbugs out of the mud and out into the traps. When that happens consumers should start to see a more plentiful supply.