We've all got them. Embarrassing photos of each and everyone of us exist. The good news is that we control who gets to see them, or do we?

I invite you to turn the clock back ten years. It's 2004 and you were doing what? Chances are if you are internet savvy you were checking out this really cool social media site called MySpace. Guess who posted some embarrassing selfies and other photos on their MySpace account, you did!

MySpace is allegedly using those photos against you. Well to say against you isn't exactly fair, let's just say they are using your vanity and fear of being embarrassed to get you to check out the new MySpace.

Here is what we hear is happening. MySpace is sending former users some of their old not so flattering photos. The idea is that you will see the photos and then log into your MySpace account to either delete them or edit them. While you are on the site the hope is that you will take a look at the "New" MySpace. You might like what you see and stick around.

According to reports the social media site is only e-mailing pictures to former users and not sharing them across other platforms. That doesn't mean a former spouse or friend couldn't get a copy of the pictures if they were share on their MySpace account back in the day.