Squirrels just get into a lot of things. We've seen them get into attics, cars, even power lines and cause problems. If you are bird lover then you know the problems squirrels present to your fine feathered friends.

Squirrels appreciate the free buffet that you set out for the birds. The birds don't appreciate the squirrels and that seems to be the problem. How can you keep a squirrel out of your bird feeder? One mans solution was a very manly solution indeed.

WD-40 is common in almost every tool box in South Louisiana. If it can't fix your problem then you need Duct Tape. Here is how WD-40 helped this ingenious bird lover get past his problems with squirrels.

The squirrels were jumping from a nearby bird bath on to the pole that holds the feeder. The squirrel would then climb up the pole to good stuff. The solution, spray the pole with WD-40. No more squirrel in the bird feeder was the outcome.