Because I live in a world of full disclosure with you I have to admit something. Yesterday I thought about how miserable it would be walking three point one miles in cold, wet windy weather conditions. I did, I thought that. Then like I always do when I think I can't or don't want to do something I went to my St Jude wall of hope in the 97.3 The Dawg studios. My wall of hope is pictures of St Jude patients and families that I have been blessed to meet over the past few years. I felt ashamed of myself for even considering the idea of not being on the street this morning.

The St Jude Give Thanks walk is a national event. Throughout the country thousands of people like you and I will put on walking shoes, maybe a raincoat or a warm jacket and we will walk. We will walk through our towns and cities demonstrating to others that the cause of defeating childhood cancer is a passion. I hope someone will ask me why I am walking so I can tell them about the incredible hospital known as St Jude. I want to tell them about the lifesaving work they do at that hospital. I want to tell them that St Jude does medicine right, they treat the patient, they treat the family and they don't let insurance companies or accountants determine who gets treated.

If you are up early this morning and would like to join me and several hundred other people just like me we would love to have you. You can still sign up for the St Jude Give Thanks Walk this morning at Parc San Souci in downtown Lafayette. Registration for the event will begin at 8am and we will walk at 9am. There will be food, coffee and other goodies for you to enjoy as well.

Come walk with me today. Come take a few steps outside of normal and be extraordinary today. Put your best foot forward for a greater good and higher purpose. At the end of your time on this Earth what would want folks to know about you? He sure liked to sleep. Or he sure liked to sleep but when it was time, he was always ready to make a difference.