The sound of an audience applauding, it is music to the ears of every performer. True, we don't hear you applauding for every joke we tell or amazing piece of news we pass along on the Bruce and the Kennel Club Show, but we like to think that you are on your feet cheering. I believe they call that delusions of grandeur. There is a group here in town where the applause is genuine, the message is inspiring and experience is amazing, that group is Christian Youth Theatre of Lafayette. CYT Lafayette as they are known is in the final day of their production of Beauty and the Beast. I had the pleasure of attending opening night at Angelle Hall and let me say I was blown away!

CYT is hosting a series of camps for kids of all ages and acting abilities, if you're looking for a place to polish your child until they shine, I can recommend CYT.  If you look really closely on stage tonight you might catch a glimpse of my youngest. That would be Anna playing the part of a fork, singing and dancing with a smile on her face hoping to earn your applause as a well deserved thank you for a job well done.