Just in time for that Starbucks lover on your Christmas list, Starbucks is set to roll out a $450 steel gift card. But, here's the real kick in the pants...it's only loaded with $400. That's right, the actual card it's self costs $50. It's made of steel and will look pretty fancy, and will be quite a collectors item. Starbucks will make only 5,000 of them, and you can't buy them at just any Starbucks store.

So, you want me to pay $450 for something I can only use for $400? I'm not that good at math, but that just doesn't seem like a good deal for me. However, if you or someone you know is a REAL big Starbucks fan, then this is the ultimate. I mean, they do have over 31 million fans on Facebook. What do you think?