That's hard to believe, the State of Louisiana wants to give me money? Well it's not extra money they want to give you, it's actually your money they want to give back. State Treasurer John Kennedy says your odds of finding unclaimed property are better than winning the lottery. It's at least worth a look to see if you have "extra cash' the state has been keeping for you.

Unclaimed property is money that is held by businesses that no one has claimed and by law must be turned over to the state. This unclaimed property could be a few dollars left in a checking account or savings account. Maybe you had a payroll check you didn't cash or there were stocks or dividends that you were not aware of. Items like these are what make up the millions of dollars unclaimed property the State of Louisiana is trying to return to its rightful owner.

Currently the treasury holds $582 million dollars in unclaimed property that needs to be returned to its rightful owner. One in six individuals will have unclaimed property so it is worth the time to check to see if some of that money belongs to you, a family member or even a friend or co-worker. The property return program will remain active until December 10th.