When Steve Spurrier was the head football coach at the University of Florida I didn't care for him that much. It's not that I disliked him as a human, no wait, I really didn't like him as a human. I didn't wish him ill, no wait, I did do that too. Okay, a lot of us don't like Steve Spurrier then or now. But you have to admit, he makes for great bulletin board material even though he is over a year removed from coaching.

The "Old Ball Coach" and devotee of the visor was speaking yesterday in Shreveport. It was at an Independence Bowl banquet and according to reports, Coach Spurrier let this zinger fly.

Dang coach, that's brutal. It's also pretty accurate which is why so many of the LSU faithful are even less of Steve Spurrier fan today than they were yesterday.

Let's face it, the "Old Ball Coach" is right on the money. The Tigers have had some outstanding players. Just check out the rosters of NFL teams and you'll see a bunch of Tigers on the field. Yet, LSU never seems to be able to get over the hump. By hump, I mean Nick Saban and Alabama.

Personally, I hope Coach Orgeron and his new take on the Tiger offense and the improvement of the Tiger defense will pay dividends. I'd love to flaunt a big ol' crystal trophy under the nose and goofy looking visor of the former Flordia head coach.  Just so I could see that strange grimace he gets on his face when things fall apart in front of him.