To many who are not from this country the sport of football must look rather odd. The dress of the players, the pageantry of the band and the off the charts response of the crowds could have a lot of people questioning our collective sanity. Football has nothing on this unique Japanese sport, where the object appears to be pretty clear. It's the method through which that objective is achieved that has me scratching my head.

If you can imagine a game of capture the flag combined with rugby, king of the mountain and good old fashioned gang violence then this is your sport. I am guessing the game is played by two teams. The defensive team puts a player on top of a short pole and then builds a human fortress around said player and pole.

The offensive team's job, come knock the defensive player off the pole. The only protection you need, maybe a foam helmet and good stretchy t-shirt. You go Japan, keep filling our world with great ideas.