Bruce and I have a new bit on the morning show we call "Stuff We Saw On TV". It's some of the nonsensical stuff we saw on the ole television. And boy do people say some dumb things!

Here's the latest collection of wackadoodleness we caught over the weekend.

1) ESPN showed the Under Armour All-American High School Football Game. During the broadcast several of the high profile players revealed which university they would be "taking their talents to". Geismar, Louisiana native Landon Collins, and top safety in the country, decided Alabama would be the place for him. His momma had other thoughts.

2) During the big Republican debate on ABC this past Saturday night, the moderators decided to go soft and asked the politicians what they would be doing on a Saturday night if they weren't at the debate. After watching this, you can tell just how avid of a sports fan a couple of these cats are.

3) Charles Barkley was part of the TNT team announcing the Heat-Hawks NBA basketball game on Thursday evening. During a commercial break Charles opened up a little too much about his Weight Watchers endorsement and how it's all a scam! Good for us the Ustream live feed was rolling and caught his comments.