One of the hot button topics of this session of the Louisiana legislature is education. Besides the battle over Common Core, the other elephant in the room appears to be finding qualified educators to teach our children. This is especially true when it comes to substitute teachers.

A Ville Platte Representative , Bernard LeBas, is introducing a bill to be considered that would change rules regarding retired teachers and their ability to substitute in the classroom. Under the current laws a retired teacher may only work an amount that is equal to one quarter of their retirement check.  LeBas' legislation hopes to change those rules.

 "I think we really we have a wealth of good qualified and anxious-to-teach retired teachers who are being left out and the schools need em,"
LeBas' comments reported by the Louisiana Radio Network suggested that there are many situations in which retired teachers are having to decline work because it would affect their retirement check.
Situations such as maternity leave or long term illness have created situations where a team of substitute teachers have had to be employed in order to cover the classroom time. LeBas believes that allowing retired teachers more opportunities in the classroom will be better for students and school systems in the long run.  Under his proposal the amount of time a retired teacher could work would go from 25% of their retirement pay to 50% of their retirement pay.