If you were one of the thousands of Americans who put a bet down on Super Bowl 48, you were not alone, and some of you lost BIG when the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos. According to pregame.com, $19.7 MILLION dollars was lost by bettors in Las Vegas, who pretty much picked Denver over Seattle at the betting window. It turned out to be the worst day for bettors in Super Bowl history.Yikes!

From usatoday.com - For the 22nd time in the past 24 Super Bowls, Las Vegas came out ahead of the bettors. The last time the sportsbooks in Vegas lost a Super Bowl was in 2008, when the New York Giants upset the 16-0 New England Patriots. And when Seahawks linebacker Malcom Smith was chosen Super Bowl MVP, it was a collective 'WHO?' from pre game bettors.  I guess he got the last laugh on that one!

Check out more monetary statistics from a game that made pretty much everyone except Seahawks fans absolutely crazy on Sunday. And that being said - WHO DAT!!!