Now is the time to start preparing for Black Friday.  I recommend you bring a helmet, pads, and pepper spray ready for the Big Event!  Everyone should look for the easiest and safest way to get through the big day.  Follow our step-by-step guide to snag all of the great bargains; let's make Black Friday not so dark!  

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    Prepare Early

    Get your list of must-haves ready today.

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    Know What Time Black Friday Starts

    Some stores are starting their Black Friday sales as early as 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving night!  Know what time your favorite stores are starting their Black Friday sales.

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    Plan Your Route

    Make a list of the stores you will be visiting and the items you want to purchase at each store.

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    Check Online First

    Many of your favorite retailers sell the same items online that they are selling at their local stores.  If the items you are looking for are online, check there first. 

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    Wear Comfortable Shoes

    Be prepared to stand in long lines.

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    Leave The Kids At Home

    Never a good idea to take little ones into crowded stores on Black Friday.  Schedule a babysitter and enjoy your time without the kids!

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    Be Kind To Others

    Never push, shove, or yell when out shopping on Black Friday. Remember it is the season of giving! Wait your turn and be patient. 

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    Team Up

    Take a friend or family member with you.  Two people can get a lot more work done than just one!

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